How to customize an ice hockey stick


First, when customizing an ice hockey stick, your hockey player needs to be wearing their skates with hockey socks.

Second, place the toe of the stick on the ground by the skater’s feet. This is the tip of the blade part of the stick. See diagram for more details.

Third, the very top of the shaft of the stick should come between the tip of the nose and the chin. In this range, it enables the player to maneuver the stick more easily on the ice. If the stick is too long, the player will not be able to get a good shot off. If the stick is too short, it will force the player to hunch over, but more importantly, they will lose power and reach.

Fourth, if you purchase a stick from a hockey pro shop, they can trim the top of the stick so it is customized for your player’s height if needed. Most hockey sticks come in three basic sizes: junior, intermediate and a senior length. Junior sticks are generally 46-53 inches long, intermediate around 54 inches and senior sticks are usually 56-62 inches long.

Offensive players usually have a slightly shorter stick for better puck control. Defensive players usually have a longer stick to enable a longer reach to take the puck away from an oncoming player. At the youngest ages, it is most important to purchase a stick that gives the players the most stick handling control because they may not know if they want to play offense or defense. Also, some recreational, or house programs, rotate the players between forward and defense at the very young ages.

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